Valencia Fusion Exchange

12—14 april 2024

We're excited to present a weekend full of dance, rhythm, connection and flow… Join us in one of the most vibrant fusion dance communities in Southern Europe.

If you come from far away, you will be able to enjoy both the dance and a wonderful tourist destination: Valencia. You will find here lots of sun, beautiful beaches, great cuisine, and a vibrant city center full of culture. You will meet other travelers exploring the city as well as many locals happy to recommend places worth visiting.

For people from the local community, it will be a great opportunity to meet fusion dancers from elsewhere and experience first-hand how the dance is interpreted elsewhere. You’ll be able to dance to the music played by DJs we don’t often have the chance to hear. This setting and occasion will make for a wonderful experience, one that will connect you to the broader fusion community.

We’ll all enjoy a unique chance to connect through dance, meet new people, and experience new things. Join us, and make the magic happen!


Program maybe subject to change.


Escuela de Ruzafa
18.00 The gates open
18.30 Welcome DJ session
20.00 Dance workshop: body expression and emotions, with Gislaine
21.00–1.00 party


Puente del Mar
Location can change because of weather.
13.00–16.00 Picnic
14.00–15.30 DJ session at the picnic

Escuela de Ruzafa
18.00 Dance workshop: Counter balance, with Nat & Ate
20.00–1.00 party


Palmeral de Patacona.
Location can change because of weather.
13.00–16.00 Picnic
14.00–15.30 DJ session at the picnic

Escuela de Ruzafa
18.00 Dance workshop: Tango tricks for fusion dancers, with Yann & Sara
20.00–1.00 party


At the parties, we will have music played by:


La Escuela de Ruzafa, a beautiful space near the center of Valencia at Calle Denia 32. We will have a dance floor with a capacity of 100 people and a bar to take a break from the dance.

What is fusion?

Fusion is a dance style focused on connection and interpreting the music together. We dance to a huge variety of music: sometimes music associated with a particular dance style, sometimes electronic music, sometimes hip-hop, and sometimes something entirely different—depending on the DJ.

There are dancers coming with very different backgrounds: from blues, kizomba, zouk, tango, or contact improvisation. Each dance is different, and you can always expect to see something new.

It’s a great dance for beginners as well: you don’t need experience in dancing. You can attend without anxiety and connect to the music as well as your partner—and dance as you feel. Besides that, we will have open level classes to help you start.


Full passes

Day passes


Traveling to Valencia for the event? Below are some quick tips.


The event will be in the center of Valencia—a major tourist destination in Spain. There is a wide range of accommodations available nearby—check your usual sources—there should be something for any budget.

We will provide a WhatsApp group for participants to connect with others who are looking to share accommodations.


Valencia is a transportation hub: it has a well-connected airport and fast trains from Madrid and Barcelona. For participants traveling by car, we will provide a WhatsApp group to connect for ride-sharing.


Got any questions, suggestions, or want to collaborate? Contact Marcin Wosinek at, or by WhatsApp at +34 608 73 92 32.

Code of conduct

Respect each other and be aware that everyone has a different perception of limits: better err on the side of being too polite and too respectful. Please talk to each other: ask for permission and tell people if they do something you are not OK with.

If someone is repeatedly disrespecting your limits, please talk to the care team or the organizers.

In case anything uncomfortable happens to you, or you witness anything that concerns you, please get in contact with your care team or the organizers.

Note! If you have ever been banned from any dance community or event, please contact the organizer before purchasing your ticket. We want to make sure everybody feels safe—and we would need to double-check if we can have you at the event. Failure to notify us can result in your being banned from the event.

Terms and conditions


If a dancer cannot participate in the event, the refund is not possible. You can sell your ticket to another person you find, and transfer the ticket to their name.

If the event is canceled, the organizer will return the ticket price, minus ticket platform fee. The organization does not take responsibility for festival relate costs such as travel or accommodation.

Program changes

Some changes to program can happen due to circumstances outside our control. Please check the website to learn about changes.

Photos and videos

The event takes place in a public space, and we will take photos & videos to use for documenting the event and promote future events. If you have an issue with appearing in the pictures or videos, please let us know in advance, and let know the event photographer.